What is Sha-de made from?

Sha-de Resort and Kids ranges are made from specially knitted bamboo, made in Melbourne, Australia. The outcome is a luxuriously soft and comfortable fabric that breathes well and provides a high level of UPF with no harmful chemicals.  

Is it ok to wash Sha-de normally? Does it lose its special qualities?

You can wash Sha-de just like cotton - warm water and tumble dry, according to regular washing instructions. Our products can also be ironed (on a low heat) without any worries.

Does Sha-de shrink?

Shrinkage is slightly higher in bamboo than cotton. We give our products an extra wash during the dye process to keep shrinkage within normal standard Australian limits.

Merino wool has the same shrinkage as cotton.

Do you have shops?

No, we have an online store. Sha-de garments are also available in growing number of outlets across Australia, including anti- cancer stores. If you are interested in stocking the Sha-de range please contact us via email info@sha-de.com. 

Do you ship world wide?

Yes we love to share the love all around the world. We have even kept shipping to a flat rate of $20 for New Zealand and $25 for the Rest of the World so you can buy up big.

If you have any further queries, please send us an email info@sha-de.com