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Sha-de: Celebrating This Year's #whomademyclothes Event

Today, the 24th of April, marks the anniversary of the Rama Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.

That’s when Fashion Revolution was born.

There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza all manufacturing clothing for big global brands. The victims were mostly young women.

This is why, during Fashion Revolution Week, we encourage as many people as possible to ask #whomademyclothes?

It starts with you! Ask yourself: “Who made my clothes?” And then most importantly, ask the brands and retailers you buy from.

Some brands won’t answer at all. Some might tell you where your clothes were made but not who made them. Some will direct you to their Corporate Social responsibility Policy. That’s not good enough. Keeping asking until you get right down to the factory where your garment was made or even the name of the person who made it.

If a brand doesn’t respond, keep asking. Our power is in persistence. The more people who keep asking #whomademyclothes, the more brands will listen.

More info: Why Do We Need a Fashion Revolution





Do you know the secret to escaping this heat?

Julia - Life Update

Wow has it been Hot! Isn't that the understatement of the century!

I hope you managed to stay cool over Christmas and spent some relaxing time with your family and friends.

I headed back to stinking hot Adelaide to see my family and had a wonderful time. Boy did that cool breeze feel wonderful on Christmas afternoon. .

I wore Sha-de pretty much every day of my holiday, mainly because I hate to sweat. I love love love the snow and feeling freezing cold so anything that can help me to feel less sweaty, well I am all over it.

I hate sweaty inner thighs the most, feeling your legs rub together is something I wish I could avoid. Well I may have found the solution…Pants! I wore my Portsea pants everywhere, even to my first day back at work. The bamboo fabric is cool to touch, is breathable and absorb the sweat away from your body.

I wore the Bondi Drop Crotch pant on New Year’s eve back in Melbourne which was also a hot stinker and felt so cool and comfortable. I am so in love with pants at the moment that I want you to be too, so I am giving my secret Pale Girls style subscribers a New Year’s gift. 25% off pants for this weekend, only until end of Sunday 10th January. Check out your newsletter to receive your secret code only for Pale Girl Style subscribers.

And while I have your attention, I have joined up with our friends at Harlow Australia, ( fashion for 12-24, for a Designer Sale on Saturday 16th January at our workroom in Brunswick East Melbourne. We would love to see you there. Keep an eye out on Social Media for more info and I'll send you a reminder early next week.

The address is 71 Nicholson St, Brunswick East, Next to Pope Joan cafe. Starting at 8am till 2pm.



Until next time,

Enjoy this weekend and  talk to you soon.




Product of the week - Avoca Tee

Need a staple tee in your wardrobe? Hate buying a tee that is too clingy? Then we have the perfect tee for you. Our product of the week is the Avoca tee is a comfortable fit and comes in a range of colours from XS-XL.  So how can you wear our famous Avoca tee - with style of course.

The Avoca tee pictured here in our cream/indigo option works back really well with our Byron Pant.

The watermelon/indigo looks great with the lorne skirt in cream.

My personal favourite is the indigo/cream version as I do think it goes really well with denim.  But as shown below also looks good matched back with

the Byron pant


So where did the name Avoca come from? Well keeping in our theme of beach resorts this particular tee was named after Avoca Beach which is a major Central Coast holiday and surfing area. It's situated among a residential coastline of wooded hills, beaches and lakes.

Avoca Beach on the Central Coast features rocky headlands at each end of a long, golden beach. Popular as a holiday destination, especially for families, it has a vibrant surf culture and a relaxed and friendly ambience. There are lots of things to do, including fishing, beach walking, exploring the nearby parks and headlands, and simply relaxing in a quiet place.

The long stretch of beach is perfect for both novice and experienced surfers, and it's also ideal for recreational swimming.

Feeling adventurous? Why not take a surfing class at the Central Coast Surf School or dive down to the site of theEx-HMAS Adelaide, a former Australian warship that was deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef. 

Avoca Beach also features an ocean rock pool near the Surf Life Saving Club, perfect for young children.

Avoca Lake, situated behind the beach, is a peaceful recreational still-water retreat with pleasant walks and picnic areas. Does it not sound like the place you want to be?



The area was originally occupied by the Awabakel Aborigines. It was first inhabited by white settlers when Irish Army Officer John Moore received the first European land grant in 1830. The 640 acre lot was named Avoca. A house was built on the ridge overlooking Avoca Lake just to the west of the beach, and cereal, fruit and grape crops were planted.

The house was burned down in the 1850’s and the entire lot was leased in the late 19th century to exploit the timber.

Logs were transported to the mill at Terrigal by tram and Tramway Road in North Avoca is part of the old route.

The name Avoca is Celtic for "Great Estuary", or "Where the River meets the sea".



We hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  

Pssst.....don't forget code AVOCA at checkout for your discount.

Love the Sha-de team XX