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Last week I was on annual leave, a great summer break in the middle of our cold Melbourne weather.  I headed over to NZ and also Fiji for a beautiful wedding.  Getting away reminded me of a few things. 1. How hard it is to pack and what to wear when you are going to more than one climate and 2. How important it is to take care of yourself and really appreciate your friends and family.

I caught up with some very close friends of mine in NZ and heard some very sad news, one of my close friends who is younger than me barely in her 30's recently had Melanoma removed from her neck.  She is a typical kiwi - sun loving and always outdoors. Yes she has pale skin and red hair and so is aware of the risks of sun and majority of the time takes precautions in the sun; the melanoma came as a surprise even to her.  Going to the dermatologist for a recent check up for her baby daughter only to be given the once over as well.  Now firstly a big thank you to the nurses who picked this up and ensured the removal. Secondly this is a reminder, especially for those in our part of the world where over 1500 a year in Australia and over 500 a year in New Zealand die of Melanoma skin cancer.  New Zealand also has one of the the highest incident rates in the world.  I don't want this to be a somber blog but more a reminder of the importance of taking care of your skin and your loved ones. 

We all know we should wear sunscreen. Whether or not we do -- or do so correctly -- is a horse of a different color.

But skin cancer remains one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide.

With early detection, many new cases are highly treatable, but some skin cancers are also highly preventable, especially if we stop ignoring the problematic areas we so often skip in our sunscreen routines. Here are just a few of those pesky parts. Let us know in the comments what we missed.

According to a 2007 study from The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, the ears are ththird most frequent location for basal cell carcinomas.

You might not even realize until you run a comb through your hair the next day that you completely missed your part. Ouch.

You forget 'em under those huge shades, but then you take your shades off to avoid funky tan lines. Protect that very-gentle skin! Because getting your sunscreen in your eyes is almost as much fun as getting a sunburn, Consumer Reports recommendsusing a moisturizer or eye cream that contains SPF, since those are absorbed more easily. Just be sure to reapply if the SPF count is low.

That Pesky Armpit Skin
First thing's first, can we give this little jiggle of skin an official name? It's easy to miss, scrunched there next to your strap, but you won't be happy about it if you do.

Under Those Straps
Speaking of straps! Unless you're wearing a UV-blocking swimsuit, you can get burned through the fabric. Plus, if you only apply around the straps, even the slightest movement can expose unprotected skin. That's at least part of the reason why some experts recommend putting on your sun protection while you're in the buff, so you can't miss a single strap-covered spot.

Tops Of Feet
People. Your flip flops are the bikini straps of your feet. Cover up!

Backs Of Hands
Yes, we know, you wash your hands after you're done applying sunscreen because, well, ick. But in the process, you're also leaving your hands woefully unprotected. The palms of our hands (and soles of our feet, for that matter) are protected by a thick layer of dead skin cells that limits the amount of UV light that can get in. The backs of our hands are in no such luck, Popular Science reported.


The lower lip in particular needs some sunscreen love, as it's 12 times more likely to develop cancer than the top lip, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. And men, don't shy away from lip balm: You're up to 13 times more likely to develop lip cancer than women.

Back Of Knees
They're in no-man's-land -- not quite lower leg, not quite upper leg -- and we can't see 'em. Whatever the reason we neglect our knee pits, forget this crucial crease and you'll never want to walk or sit again.

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That's why I love working for Sha-de. I have pale skin and well I know how the sun burns.  Having a range of clothing that I can wear that not only offers high SPF sun protection but also made from Bamboo - such a luxurious fabric and so comfortable to wear.  Also now that we are Eco accredited great for the environment too.

Here are my favourite pieces this week

The Tamarama Dolman in Indigo/Cream was the perfect top for travelling. Kept me warm on the plane and then when I arrived in Fiji also kept me cool. Was a must have on my trip.

My other must have item was my Sha-de Wrap - In a beautiful watermelon shade it was perfect for draping over my shoulders for the beach wedding in Fiji and then again as a scarf on the plane for that pesky cold air.

 Take care and enjoy your week.

The Sha-de team

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