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Back to Basics

It was such a cold weekend just gone and I had one of those moments of what do I wear. I mean I can dress up warm but often that means I'm looking too casual for an event, or alternatively I can dress up in my going out clothes and spend the night wondering why I didn't dress up warm.  Never an easy decision as you know.  This brings me to this weeks topic Back to Basics.  

Having the right basic items in your wardrobe makes these type of decisions much easier.  A great option for this weather is bamboo clothing.  I never thought much of bamboo clothing when I was younger and as I get older I find myself caring more about my impact on the environment. Bamboo clothing is amazing. But I am sure I don't need to tell you all that.  The fabric is light and soft and beautiful against the skin. Its breathable and thermo-regulating and there is absolutely no static (this was one of the big plus points for me) Its also hypoallergenic. The most notable benefit of bamboo clothing is that it is odour free. It will keep you fresh all day.

Benefit of Bamboo

So what did I wear you ask? Well I decided on my Noosa dress in Navy from Sha-de as being out of bamboo and being so easy to wear it was the perfect solution.  I wore it with boots a scarf and was warm all day - it is also dressy enough to go from day to night. How good does our model look in the Noosa Dress below.  Its such a versatile dress.

Here's one of our good friends wearing her Noosa Dress in Watermelon.  Its such a classic style and yet an item you will wear all year round. Perfect for those days that you are not sure what you are going to wear.

All of this brings me back to the point that having the right basics in your wardrobe is paramount. 

Enjoy your week and stay warm out there.

From the Sha-de team.

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